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The origin of the Corona virus might be an intelligence organization


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China: a foreign intelligence service is origin of the spread of the corona virus

The corona crisis (corona virus disease 2019 > COVID-19 Pandemia) puts pressure on society throughout the globe since weeks now, caused tens of thousands fatalities, slows life and economy down, and will cause many changes. First, the World Health Organization WHO played the situation down end of January 2020, proclaimed a risk assessment global level “high” just to proclaim the level “very high” a month later. On March 11, 2020, the WHO finally declared the epidemy as Pandemia despite the fact having counted more deaths until the first week of February than the total of fatalities during the N1H1 Pandemia in 2010. This hesitant behavior of the WHO couldn’t be explained by observers.

A couple of weeks after the discovery of the corona virus end of December 2019 in the Wuhan region the Chinese government spread the idea of an intentionally setting free of the virus by an intelligence organization of another country. This assumption never was substantiated, and the Chinese Government had to answer critical questions. This maneuver had a distinct effect but not as intended: first just a discussion in forums, blogs and circles the virus and its origin were highly speculated.       


Clandestine US troops movements in Europe under the shades of the virus

Since many weeks, media concentrates merely on COVID-19. This influences others since the usual yearly critical coverage about the exercises of the US military together with the German and other forces did not really happen this year. Hardly any media covered the movements of the troops for “Defender 20” – the name of the recurring military exercises. Accordingly, in social media various reports about the conspicuous transports of US armored vehicles towards Hamburg harbor and the overcrowded Wiesbaden base circulated in social media. These were the untimely troop withdrawals after Defender 20 since the exercises have been called off due to COVID-19. Despite the facts, conspiracy theorists distributed various theories, among them the story the COVID-19 Pandemia being just a diversionary tactic to cover up the “clandestine invasion of Europe by 40'000 armed US troops”. And the virus was intentionally released the USA to distract form the maneuvers.


Viruses in the hands of intelligence

During the past weeks we often were asked this question: Is it possible for an intelligence service of a country having distributed the corona virus? This thought isn’t absurd since such a scenario theoretically might be possible. Viruses provide excellent characteristics for an “undercover warfare”. They are invisible, theoretically can be transported inconspicuously and unfold their effect only after the causing intelligence service has left the target area. Furthermore, viruses are ideal to paralyze, destabilize or even destroy whole regions, countries and societies. However, the counter question would be why this hasn’t been done more often successfully. And: which countries and intelligence service would have interests in such.

Hence, we have gathered some facts from specialists mostly with focus on viruses being intentionally developed, distributed into the environment and pinned onto people. Following are the answers to the questions we received, thus the do not cover the whole issue:


  1. Viruses are delicate “creatures”. In the lack of an appropriate environment they will die in a short time
  2. Producing viruses outside of dedicated laboratories is demanding with little promising and their stock keeping is challenging
  3. Handling viruses is difficult and dangerous. Laboratories handling super infectious and doing research on them are outstandingly protected and the personnel is well educated
  4. In case super infectious viruses are getting out of the laboratory personnel, client, the environment and the region, even the country and the world are endangered
  5. Transporting viruses can be dangerous for the carrier and the environment
  6. Bringing viruses clandestinely over a border is easily possible, depending on the approach
  7. For instance, depending on the virus dropping a few infected people in the target area is sufficient to spread the virus unrecognizably – and after their return appropriate measures can be taken to free them from the virus. Such a procedure is a suicide mission and the virus contaminated person has to take in account its own death. Does such a person “escape” control over the “project” and virus is lost
  8. Animals too can be used as carriers of a virus, but transfer to humans is a true challenge
  9. Once set free and transferred onto a human or an animal reproduction of the virus is unpredictable, cannot be predicted and controlled. Everything is possible, from ineffective to pandemia
  10. An attack using viruses cannot be planned that easily due to uncertainties regarding its type, the time frame, its effect and result
  11. Designed viruses carry some kind of “handwriting” therefore can be identified as designed viruses and sometime even allocated to certain organizations
  12. Behavior of the viruses in the reality cannot be properly tested in the laboratory, thus its effect hardly can be estimated easily
  13. Viruses develop themselves quickly, thus their characteristics changes, are lost or augment
  14. Once set free viruses potentially are dangerous to the country/region/organization of its origin, too: viruses aren’t like bombs or radioactivity and cannot be confined in a defined area. This is a huge unforeseeable threat for those setting the virus free
  15. Virus cannot be easily measured – in contrast to e.g. radioactivity or many poisons. This complicates the handling of the virus and the protection of “people deserving protection”
  16. Vaccinations could protect persons and groups of people but achieving this for a whole country is close to impossible, requires enforcement, is conspicuous and includes threats
  17. As soon as an attack with a virus against a country becomes obvious and the originator of the dispersion of the virus is known massive diplomatic or even military argument will take place
  18. Most big countries as well as those with nuclear power and other big power are effected by the COVID-19 pandemia, therefore they most likely aren’t originators of the assumed “virus attack”   

Russia and the USA remain in focus

As of today (March 25, 2020) Russia is the biggest country with the least infected people (less than 500) and only one reported death. Might Russia be the origin of the virus and might the population have been vaccinated beforehand? Indefatigably, Vladimir Putin transfers the message of Russia having the pandemia much better under control than other countries. But entry to Russia no longer is possible, furthermore all schools are closed, and the today discussion goes on whether large cities such and particularly Moscow might be closed down. Our sources consistently report situation in country seems to be much more dramatic. On one hand, the public health service in Russia find itself in a desperate state, many people have no or limited access to health care. On the other hand, Russia uses corona tests with a more than 10 times lesser sensitivity compared to those used in the rest of the world: the real number of infected people certainly is higher by factors compared to the reported 500 cases.

Observers report deaths of elderly people in Russia not being exanimated thoroughly if the cause of death rudimentarily seems to be understandable according to age. Thus, fatalities infected with the corona virus will not be reported since lung diseases at that age are typical. Based on our aggregated and analyzed information, during the upcoming weeks the CNT-Alliance expects the number of infected people in Russia will rise to the double of the total number reported in China. Depending on how Russia will handle the pandemia we expect up to 10’000 fatalities by COVID-19. However, it’ll be demanding to verify these figures since there is little robust information and communications by the Kremlin has a limited credibility. Since Vladimir Putin builds a corona hospital with 500 beds outside of Moscow and the reported searches in well populated areas for buildings which can be transformed into hospitals and quarantine stations shows a certain delta between talking and acting.

A couple of days ago and after their friends in the European Union had let them down Italy asked Vladimir Putin for help. Russia sent staff and medical support, brought protective equipment, mobile care stations and means for the disinfection of larger areas. Little considered but remarkable: Russia sent a brigade of specialists along for the support of the Italians. These specialists – at least one with direct contacts to the FSB – look out for first-hand information about corona in the task for understanding the situation in their home country much better, improve predictions and handling. On first sight, the Russian intelligence service were suspected being a possible distributor of the corona virus but based on the findings it is much unlikely.

The history, the intelligence services, knowledge in virology, its politics and behavior are rated as evidence by conspiracy theorists the USA being the suspect of the distribution of the corona virus against China – which goes along with the narration of the Chinese government. After negating the corona crisis in the USA Donald Trump finally realized the country faces the pandemia, too – making the Chinese accusation appearing insubstantial. The health care system of the United States barely is prepared to cope with the pandemia, also since vast classes of the population are excluded from the health care system and many cannot pay for the tests themselves. However, the US government said to cover the costs but the country find itself on a blind flight just like Russia and fails being able to estimate dimension and effect as well as to define sensible measures – also because Donald Trump fights against most measures since he fears their effect on his reelection. The citizen of the United States have been asked to stay at home but Donald Trumps wants to return to normal until Easter.

Due to the indifferent situation and the hesitant actions we expect the number of infected people in the USA to quickly and notably excel one million. However, meaningful predictions nearly are impossible. Economy will suffer and this is the main argument by many US citizen: “By these means, the US intelligence services want to get rid of Donald Trump”. Apart from the much quicker, simpler, effective and safer methods for achieving this, the intelligence services rely on a powerful government – the weaker the USA, the less power lies in their own hands. Thus, the USA seems not to be the originator of the corona virus.

Remains the question where the COVID-19 originates from. Based on the matrix of the virus, the binding site (to dock at a cell) and other facts it is safe to say the virus must be of natural origin. This might not be liked by the conspiracy theorists, but this also is a huge challenge for mankind. It is vital to learn how the virus managed the leap onto humans. Bats, pangolin and others are in focus for carrier animals and the question arises whether the virus was able to adopt to humans while still residing in the carrier animal prior the jump the barrier from animals to humans. If this happened, the virus could jump onto humans at any time, even in a mutated form. If so, the threat and the probability of recurrent pandemia is likely.

This would be much more problematic than a designer virus from an intelligence service.